Liverpool Chinatown Photographic Society

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Amateur photographers were around as early as in the 1880's, but it was only restricted to the very serious enthusiasts. Since the introduction of the 'Box Brownie' and other roll film cameras in the 1920's, that was all changed. Photography was accessible and affordable to the masses as a hobby, and was helped by the film processing and photographic printing services available through the local chemists. Some hobbyists were so keen they even set up their own home darkrooms to process their films and print their photographs.

Today, thanks to technical advances, digital photography has become an even more absorbing hobby. Digital images can now be processed in our digital darkroom on our computers using image manipulation software, enabling us to further enhance our captured images beyond our imagination. 

Photography subjects include people, landscape, seascape, architecture, sports, events, etc. are popular amongst the hobbyists. More and more people are using micro, macro and astro photography to get some really stunning views which we don't normally see. Through photography, we can capture those memorable moments, create unusual images, illustrate the beauty of nature, or just for the enjoyment of making pictures.

Let's get creative!