Liverpool Chinatown Photographic Society

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How it all began

Autumn 2011, a few friends who share an interest in photography agreed that they could develop their photographic interests and skills by exchanging knowledge and ideas.  If they can find more people who possess wider range of knowledge and skills, they can learn from each other with informal meetings on a regular basis.

Nick Liu, Tommy Wong and Wing W Wong invited some of their friends to the first meeting at Chilli Chilli Restaurant in Liverpool Chinatown on 8th November 2011. The meeting went so well, they decided to form a structured photographic club, hence the birth of Liverpool Chinatown Photographic Society.

Photography is not just about technical and creative theory, but it's very much a hands on and practical skill. So we have activity days or evenings to put the theory to the test. These practical sessions help us understand the challenges involved in each photography genre.

Activities such as group photography outings, studio visits and taster sessions, regular themed projects. At meetings, we have techniques exchange, photograph appraisal, seminars by visiting speakers, etc.

Membership is open to everyone interested in photography, whether you’re a hobbyist or professional, young or old, whatever your experience, knowledge or background.  All you need is a passion for photography.

The group meets once a month in Liverpool Chinatown, and have activities in between meetings.  If you’re interested in joining our friendly and informal group, just get in touch by sending us your message via our 'contact us' page.

Wing W Wong

Wing has been a professional photographer for over 30 years. He has always wanted to take photographs that are different to his work. Forming LCPS paves the way to achieve his wish.

Tommy Wong

Tom is a software engineer. He took up photography as a hobby at a young age, as he was inspired by his father who was a keen photographer. He has vision for creative images, and pays attention to details. 

Nick Liu

Nick is a chartered accountant, serving clients across the north west region. He enjoys photography from the film era to digital. He used to process his own films and printed thousands of black and white photographs.