Liverpool Chinatown Photographic Society

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Judges' Comments

The Judging of the competition was held at the Museum of Liverpool on 29th April 2013. The judges were :-

Inspector Colin Lewis

Merseyside Police

Julia Bryan

Education Officer

Museum of Liverpool

Dave Kendall

Professional Photographer

Liverpool Chinatown Photographic Society would like to thank the judges for their time and effort in making the selection and choosing the winning photographs.

Overall Winner

Nelson in the snow  by  Amy Foo Guest

Inspector Colin Lewis said :

Full of character, well composed and evoking a timelessness. The weather only enhances it. Needs to be on a wall.

Julia Bryan said :

I found this image tremendously evocative. It reminded me of a bygone era – rather like Atkinson Grimshaw’s paintings of Liverpool.

I could almost sense the cold and stillness of a city as snow falls.

I love the dappled light of the buildings, which gives the scene a ghostly quality.

Dave Kendall said :
Well composed. So much details considering the low light. Ticked every box for the task set.

1st Runner-up

A pier through time  by  Thomas Brophy

Inspector Colin Lewis said :

Well thought out image which captures the spirit of the competition. Lovely colours which show off two important local landmarks.

Julia Bryan said :

I love the way that this image sums up the relationship between old and new – a salute to the architectural past and the way in which our buildings ‘sit’ together so well.

David Kendall said :

Fantastic attention to detail and well executed on the technical side. The whole image says “Liverpool”.

2nd Runner-up

Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool. So good they named it thrice  by  John J Burke

Inspector Colin Lewis said :

Great composition and a lovely night shot. The associated words were very impressive too (thrice). Turns a city boundary into eye-catching form.

3rd Runner-up

Rushing into Liverpool  by  John J Burke

Inspector Colin Lewis said :

Same comments as above with ice feeling of movement through the light trails. I marginally preferred the 2nd runner-up photograph, but both really good photographs.

Julia Bryan said (for 2nd runner-up photograph as well) :

The photographer has made exciting use of colours and light to create something very unique.

I particularly loved the movement in 'rushing into Liverpool' and the description of the work enhanced the image.

This is a gateway to our city, which we see all the time and the image has made me look at this in a new way.

Dave Kendall said (for 2nd runner-up photograph as well) :
Seen by many but captured so well by one with a bigger vision. The colours though garish are a true reflection of what actually is in place.